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Easy to operate. Superior performance. Welcome to the largest cab in its class, with an expansive field of vision and wider and lower entrance for easy cab entry and exit. The high-spec U27-4 model also includes auto-shift and proportional AUX oil flow control.

Technical overview

Machine weight Operating weight

Cab/canopy (kg) Cab/canopy (kg)

2590/2490 2665/2565





Water-cooled, diesel, E-TVCS

Output ISO 14396 PS(kW) / rpm 20.9(15.4) / 2400 Output ISO 9249 NET PS(kW) / rpm 20.3(14.9) / 2400 No of cylinders 3

Overall height

Cab (mm)

2430 2420

Canopy (mm)

Dozer size

(width v height) mm

1500 Í 300

Hydraulic pumps

P1, P2

Variable displacement pump


Flow rate

28.8 Í 2 21.6 (220) Gear type

Hydraulic pressure MPa - (kgf/cm 2 )

PERFORMANCE Powerful and well-balanced bucket and arm for faster, efficient digging. The auto-shift system on the high spec model delivers smooth automatic travel shift, with boom swing operated via the joystick. COMFORT The largest cab in its class, with wide, easy low-access, gas-assisted front window. The U27-4 also has a relaxing suspension seat, plus expansive visibility at the front and rear. SAFETY ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure), OPG (Operator Protective Guard) Level 1 and top-frame tie down points for safer transportation.

ENGINE Highly trusted, efficient Kubota E-TVCS diesel engine for reduced exhaust emissions, noise and vibration. HYDRAULICS Two variable pumps enable simultaneous operation of the boom, arm, bucket and the swivel for continuous high-performance digging and dozing. High spec version offers two auxiliary circuits with proportional control. VERSATILITY Kubota’s zero tail swing for excellent stability, smooth control


Flow rate (ℓ/min)


Hydraulic pressure MPa - (kgf/cm 2 )

17.2 (175)

Dig depth


2820 4630

Max. reach at ground level mm

Max. digging force

Arm (kN - kgf) Bucket (kN - kgf)

12.3 (1260)

21 (2140)

Auxiliary circuit

Max. Flow rate (ℓ/min)


Hydraulic pressure MPa - (kgf/cm 2 )

17.2 (175)

Max. travelling speed

Low (km/h) High (km/h)

2.5 4.5

and operation in confined spaces without need for additional weights.


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