Kubota UK - Range Guide

U20-3 α

Precision control. Superior performance. The U20-3 α mini excavator is ready for action, offering precision control for restricted working and a host of advanced features that deliver superior performance and efficiency.

Technical overview

Machine weight Operating weight

Cab/canopy (kg) Cab/canopy (kg)

2380/2180 2455/2255





Water-cooled, diesel, E-TVCS

Output (PS/rpm) ISO9249 (kW/rpm)

19/2200 14/2200

No of cylinders


Overall height

Cab (mm)

2360 2380

Canopy (mm)


Dozer size

(width v height) mm

1300/1500 Í 290

Hydraulic pumps

P1, P2

Variable displacement pump

ENGINE Highly trusted, efficient Kubota E-TVCS diesel engine for reduced exhaust emissions, noise and vibration. HYDRAULICS Two variable pumps enable simultaneous operation of the boom, arm, bucket and the swivel for continuous high-performance digging and dozing. VERSATILITY Kubota’s zero tail swing for excellent stability, smooth control and operation in confined spaces without need for additional weights. Tracks can adjust between 1300mm to 1500mm to easily navigate narrow spaces or optimise stability when using heavy attachments.

PERFORMANCE The powerful and well- balanced arm and bucket offers powerful and fast workability with excellent stability. COMFORT The U20-3 α cab is ergonomically designed for smooth operation. Flat floor design with conveniently placed levers (including a 2-speed travel switch on the dozer lever) ensures optimum comfort. Wrist rests and a high back seat also enable smoother control and reduce operator fatigue. SAFETY ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Objects Protective Structure) Level 1.

Flow rate

23 Í 2

Hydraulic pressure MPa - (kgf/cm 2 )

21.6 (220) Gear type


Flow rate (ℓ/min)


Hydraulic pressure MPa - (kgf/cm 2 )

20.6 (210)

Dig depth


2540 4260

Max. reach at ground level mm

Max. digging force

Arm (kN - kgf) Bucket (kN - kgf)

13.2 (1350) 18.4 (1880)

Auxiliary circuit

Max. Flow rate (ℓ/min) Hydraulic pressure MPa - (kgf/cm 2 )


21.6 (210)

Max. travelling speed

Low (km/h) High (km/h)

2.2 4.2

2-3 TONNE / 19

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