Kubota UK - Range Guide

Uncompromising power and performance. A compact excavator that KX027-4

doesn’t compromise on power or performance, complete with a large cab that enables you to work in comfort all day long. For even greater versatility, the high spec model option includes auto-shift and proportional AUX oil flow control.

Technical overview

Machine weight Operating weight

Cab/canopy (kg) Cab/canopy (kg)

2590/2520 2665/2595 V1505-E4




Water-cooled, diesel engine E-TVCS

Output ISO14396 PS(kW)/rpm 24(17.7) / 2250

No of cylinders Cab/canopy (mm) (width v height) mm


Overall height

2420/2420 1400 Í 300

Dozer size

Hydraulic pumps


P1, P2

Variable displacement pump

Flow rate (ℓ/min) 29.3 Í 2 Hydraulic pressure MPa (kgf/cm 2 ) 22.5 (230) P3 Gear type Flow rate (ℓ/min) 18.0 Hydraulic pressure MPa (kgf/cm 2 ) 17.2 (175)

ENGINE Powerful, reliable Kubota E-TVCS diesel engine for reduced exhaust emissions, noise and vibration. HYDRAULICS Two variable pumps and 1 gear pump enables simultaneous operation of the boom, arm, bucket and the swivel for continuous high performance digging and dozing. Thumb-operated switches provide quick and easy proportional flow control for AUX1 and AUX2. (High-spec model only). VERSATILITY Compact track width provides all the stability needed to achieve any task,

PERFORMANCE Powerful and well- balanced bucket and arm for faster, efficient digging even in the toughest of conditions. The auto-shift system on the high spec model delivers smooth, automatic travel shift. COMFORT A wide cab with good legroom, adjustable suspension seat, excellent front and rear visibility, plus gas-assisted easy open front slide window. Kubota Intelligent Control System features a user-friendly intuitive digital panel. SAFETY ROPS (Roll Over rotective Structure), OPG (Operator Protective Guard) Level 1 and top-frame tie down points for safer transportation.

Dig depth


2740 4600

Max. reach at ground level mm

Max. digging force

Arm (kN - kgf) Bucket (kN - kgf)

12.9 (1320) 22.1 (2250)

Auxiliary circuit (AUX1)

Max. Flow rate (ℓ/min) 47.3 Hydraulic pressure MPa - (kgf/cm 2 ) 22.5 (230) 18.0 Hydraulic pressure MPa - (kgf/cm 2 ) 17.2 (175) Max. Flow rate (ℓ/min)

Auxiliary circuit (AUX2) (Aux2 on hi-spec version only)

Max. travelling speed

Low (km/h) High (km/h)

2.7 4.6

while being narrow enough to operate in places where space is restricted.

2-3 TONNE / 21

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