Engine output: 24 PS / 17.7 kW Machine weight (Cabin/Canopy): 2,790 / 2,720 kg


When the space is tight and the job is challenging, send in the KX030-4. As a compact excavator that doesn't compromise on power or performance, it'll give you the ability to work with remarkable ease and efficiency. With an ergonomic design and the biggest cab in its class, the KX030-4 will also let you work comfortably all day long.

Type AUX1/AUX2 AUX1/AUX2 Proportional Flow Control Auto shift

Standard Model ● / -

High-Spec Model ● / ● ● / ● ●

- -

There’s nothing compact about the KX030-4’s performance. From the rugged Kubota-built engine to the powerful digging force and simultaneous operation of the boom, arm, bucket, and swivel, the KX030-4 provides impressive performance for its size. The High-Spec model also offers AUX oil flow with proportional flow control and Auto shift for even greater versatility and performance.

AUX oil flow with proportional flow control (High-Spec model only) Thumb-operated switches provide quick and easy proportional flow control for AUX1 and AUX2.

Simultaneous operation of four functions When the simultaneous operation of the boom, arm, bucket, and swivel are required, two variable pumps will distribute an accurate amount of oil flow to each actuator according to the lever stroke. This process enables continuous high performance digging and dozing. Auto shift (High-Spec model only) The auto shift system enables automatic travel shift from high to low depending on traction effort and terrain. This gives smoother operations when dozing and turning. Powerful digging force The KX030-4 delivers an impressive bucket digging force. Its powerful and well-balanced arm and bucket allow the operator to dig fast, deep and more efficiently even in the toughest conditions. It offers power in conjunction with excellent stability.

AUX2 oil flow adjust dial

Left control lever

Right control lever



Compact machine width The 1500 mm track width provides all the stability needed to achieve any task, while being narrow enough to operate in places where space is restricted.

1. Kubota original engine The KX030-4 is powered by Kubota’s tough and reliable engine. Engineered with the power to maximise digging and lifting performance, it also delivers minimised noise and vibration, meeting all current engine emission regulations.

2. Easy transportation Four tie down points on the upper frame help to ensure safe and convenient transportation.

Step into the biggest cab in its class and settle in for hours of comfort, convenience, and efficiency. The KX030-4’s wide and relaxing cab offers all of the functions and amenities you need to keep you working in comfort all day long, including excellent visibility, easy-open front slide window, a relaxing adjustable suspension seat, and a new forward-mounted intuitive panel for better visibility.

Easy-open front slide window

Relaxing suspension seat The KX030-4’s supremely comfortable reclining suspension seat helps you work longer with less strain and fatigue. The seat also offers weight compensation and adjustable wrist rests. Bigger cabin interior With the largest cab in its class, the KX030-4 offers a generous amount of foot space for improved comfort, as well as a tall and wide door to facilitate faster and easier entry and exit from the cab.

Unlike many excavator windows, the front glass window of the KX030-4 opens with ease. Just flip the latches on the window

sides and slide it up. A gas-assist mechanism makes this action almost effortless.

Excellent visibility To help you perform jobs more efficiently and safely, the KX030-4’s cabin offers an expansive field of vision that increases your awareness. The extra front and back visibility from the ground allows you to take on delicate tasks in tight spaces easier, and minimises the risks to people or objects. Moreover, all boom hydraulic hoses have been enclosed within the boom to reduce their damage so they can remain durable over the long term, and to enhance your field of vision so you can better concentrate on the job.

Intuitive panel Following the excellence of Kubota’s Control System, the intuitive panel puts convenience at the operator’s fingertips. The user-friendly intuitive panel is positioned to the front right corner of the operator for better visibility, and features one-touch button operation to view the time, hour meter and tachometer. Programming of the anti-theft keys can also be easily performed with the intuitive panel. With easy access, simple settings, easy-to-read indicators and alerts, you’ll always be aware of the excavator’s functioning status.




Hour meter

Engine rpm

A Fuel level gauge B Water temperature gauge C Warning lamps (overheating, hydraulic, battery) D LCD display (time, hour, rpm)



Diagnosis function The diagnosis function monitors the KX030-4’s condition and automatically alerts you in case of an emergency with warning lamps and code numbers such as for overheating, hydraulic problems or low battery.

The fully opening access door and hood provide quick and easy access to all inspection and maintenance areas of the engine. The KX030-4 is also equipped with a full range of safety features, from ROPS/OPG, to front window guard mounting points, as well as a variety of conveniences, including tie-downs and tool box.

A Battery B Air cleaner C Reserve tank D Fuel filter E Water separator F Radiator G Oil cooler







ROPS/OPG (top guard, level I ) canopy and cabin The ROPS/OPG (Top Guard, Level I ) canopy and cabin provide protection in the event of accidental rollovers and falling objects.

Front window guard mounting points Operators who require additional protection from flying chips and debris when using some attachments or when antivandalism is important. Kubota provides the window guard mounting points around the front window as a standard feature.

Two-piece hose design Kubota’s innovative two-piece hose design for the dozer blade reduces hose replacement time by nearly 60% compared to non-joint types. This design virtually

Tie down points Four tie down points are now installed on the top frame for safer and easier transportation.

Tool storage space

eliminates the need to enter the machine for maintenance.

Kubota Original Anti-theft System Your KX030-4 is protected by Kubota’s industry-leading anti-theft system. Only programmed keys will enable the engine to start up. Attempting to start with an un-programmed key will activate the alarm. Its features include an alert to remind the operator to extract the key after operation, and an LED to alert potential thieves that the system is activated.

The red programming key programmes the individual keys. The individual black keys start the engine.

Standard Equipment Engine/Fuel system • KUBOTA original engine • Double-element air cleaner • Fuel level indication buzzer • Battery isolator • Automatic fuel bleed system • Water separator

Safety system • Engine start safety system on the left console • Hydraulic lock system • Swivel negative brake • Kubota original anti-theft system Working equipment • 1300 mm arm • 1 working light on the boom Cabin • ROPS (Roll-over Protective Structure, ISO3471) • OPG (Operator Protective Guard, Top Guard level I , ISO 10262) • Cabin heater for defrosting and demisting • Weight-adjustable full suspension seat (fabric seat) • Retractable seatbelt • 2 working lights on the cabin • Radio installation kit prepared on the cabin (antenna, 2 speakers, bracket for radio) (For High-Spec) • Hydraulic pilot control levers with wrist rests • Intuitive panel with diagnosis function • Front window power-assisted with gas damper • Front guard mounting points • Switch and harness for beacon light • 12V power source • Emergency exit hammer Canopy • ROPS (Roll-over Protective Structure, ISO3471) • OPG (Operator Protective Guard, Top Guard level I , ISO 10262) • Weight-adjustable full suspension seat (PVC seat)

Safety system • Safety valve for boom, arm and dozer Cabin/Canopy • 2 working lights on the canopy • Front guard (OPG, Front Guard level level I , ISO 10262) • Radio installation kit on the cabin (antenna, 2 speakers, bracket) (For Standard-Spec) Working equipment • 1100mm arm (- 8kg) Others • Bio oil

• Retractable seatbelt • Hydraulic pilot control levers with wrist rests • Front LCD panel with diagnosis function • Front guard mounting points • Switch for beacon light • 12V power source Others • Tool storage space • Tie down points on the top frame Optional Equipment Undercarriage • 300 mm steel track (+105kg)

Undercarriage • 300 mm rubber track • Short pitched rubber crawler • 2-speed travel • Auto shift (For High-Spec) • 3 × double flange track rollers on each track • 1 × upper track roller Hydraulic system • 2 × variable displacement pumps and 1 × gear pump • Pressure accumulator • Hydraulic pressure checking ports • Straight travel circuit • Auxiliary hydraulic circuit piping to the arm's end • 1st auxiliary circuit (AUX1) via foot pedal control (For Standard-Spec) • AUX 1 & 2 Proportional flow control of auxiliary circuit (For High-Spec) • Adjustable maximum oil flow on AUX1 via digital panel (For High-Spec) • Adjustable maximum oil flow on AUX2 via dial (For High-Spec) • Third line hydraulic return

• Special paint • Beacon light

Kubota Genuine and Approved Parts

for maximum performance, durability and safety



KX030-4 2790 / 2720 2865 / 2795 V1505-E4

Model Machine weight* 1 Operating weight* 2

kg kg

Cabin / Canopy Cabin / Canopy


Water-cooled, diesel engine E-TVCS (Economical, ecological type)


PS/rpm kW/rpm

4 78 × 78.4 1498 24 / 2250 17.7 / 2250


Output ISO9249 NET

Number of cylinders Bore × Stroke Displacement

mm cc



Overall width

1950 / 1920


2420 / 2420

Overall length (1300 mm / 1100 mm arm) Overall height (Cabin / Canopy)



4570 / 4550



Ground clearance


mm 1500 × 300

Dozer size (width × height)



Minimum front swivel radius with boom swing (left / right) Rubber shoe width Boom swing angle (left / right)

1950 / 1560 77 / 57



P1, P2 Flow rate Hydraulic pressure P3 Flow rate Hydraulic pressure Max. flow rate Max. hydraulic pressure Max. flow rate Max. hydraulic pressure

Variable displacement pump 31.5 × 2 23.5 (240) Gear pump 18.0 19.6 (200) 49.5 23.5 (240) 18.0 19.6 (200) 16.2 (1650) / 25.4 (2590) 34 / 51 2.9 / 4.5 26.6 (0.27) / 25.9 (0.26) 9.5 48


P1, P2

MPa (kgf/cm 2 )

1950 / 1920


MPa (kgf/cm 2 ) kN (kgf) /min MPa (kgf/cm 2 ) /min MPa (kgf/cm 2 ) /min


Hydraulic System

Auxiliary (AUX1)

1980 1560

Auxiliary (AUX2)

4570 / 4550 1420

Max. digging force (arm / bucket) Hydraulic reservoir (tank / full)

Low / High Cabin / Canopy

Max. travelling Speed Ground contact pressure

km/h kPa (kgf/cm 2 )

Swivelling speed Fuel tank capacity


4760 / 4570 4880 / 4690

LpA / LwA (2000/14/EC) Digging / Levelling Driving / Idling Digging / Levelling Driving / Idling

dB (A) m/s 2 RMS m/s 2 RMS m/s 2 RMS m/s 2 RMS

Noise level

76.5 / 93 <2.5 / <2.5 <2.5 / <2.5 <0.5 / <0.5 <0.5 / <0.5

1980 1560 1300 mm arm 1100 mm arm Unit: mm

Hand arm system (ISO 5349-2:2001) Whole body (ISO 2631-1:1997)

Vibration* 3

Lift Point Radius

4570 / 4550 1420

* 1 Cabin with 65 kg standard bucket ready for operation. * 2 Machine weight includes 75 kg operator. * 3 Only for equipment variant KX030-4 HI. These values are measured under specific conditions at maximum engine speed and can deviate, depending on the operating status.

Lift Point

LIFTING CAPACITY Cabin, rubber version, 1300 mm arm LIFTING CAPACITY

kN (ton)

4760 / 4570 4880 / 4690

Lift Point Height

Lifting point radius (max.)

Lifting point radius (2.5m)

Lift Point Height





- 4.9 (0.50) Blade Down

7.6 (0.78) 9.0 (0.92) 9.9 (1.01) 10.2 (1.04) Blade Down

7.6 (0.78) 7.4 (0.75) 7.2 (0.73) 7.0 (0.72) Blade Up

- 3.5 (0.36) Blade Up

1.5m 1.0m 0.5m 0m

6.5 (0.66) 6.2 (0.63) 6.0 (0.61) 5.9 (0.60)

- 3.0 (0.31)

Axis of Rotation Lift Point adius

- -

- -

- -

* 1 With 65kg standard bucket, 1300mm arm, full tanks, rubber shoe. * 2 With 75kg operator, 1300mm arm, 65kg standard bucket, full tanks, rubber shoe.

Lift Point

kN (ton)

Cabin, rubber version, 1100 mm arm

Lifting point radius (max.)

Lifting point radius (2.5m)

Lift Point Height



Lift Point Height



- 5.3 (0.54) Blade Down

8.3 (0.84) 9.5 (0.97) 10.2 (1.04) 10.2 (1.04) Blade Down

7.6 (0.78) 7.3 (0.75) 7.1 (0.73) 7.0 (0.72) Blade Up

- 3.7 (0.37) Blade Up

1.5m 1.0m 0.5m 0m

6.4 (0.66) 6.2 (0.63) 6.0 (0.61) 5.9 (0.60)

- 3.2 (0.32)

- -

- -

- -

Axis of Rotation

* Working ranges are with Kubota standard bucket, without quick coupler. * Specifications are subject to change without notice for purpose of improvement.

*The lifting capacities are based on ISO 10567 and do not exceed 75% of the static tilt load of the machine or 87% of the hydraulic lifting capacities of the machine. **The excavator bucket, hook, sling and other lifting accessories are not included on this table.

★ All images shown are for brochure purposes only. When operating the excavator, wear clothing and equipment in accordance to local legal and safety regulations.

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