2023 Kubota Sustainability Brochure

KX019-4SI LPG EXCAVATOR Engineered to perform to the same high standards as our diesel-powered KX019-4 model, but with all the added benefits of clean, quiet, low maintenance LPG-fuelled performance. LPG fuelled engines retain their full performance and require less maintenance than traditional petrol engines. Less cleaning and servicing means lower costs too. The next generation electric RT compact wheel loaders have been designed to provide high productivity, outstanding user comfort and control with zero emission performance. With a substantial load over height and high 1140kg lifting capacity, these compact and agile articulated wheel loaders are ready to take on a whole range of tasks. LOGICAL RT210-2e/RT220-2e ELECTRIC COMPACT WHEEL LOADERS KC70H-4E/KC70VSL-4E ELECTRIC COMPACT TRACKED DUMPERS You’ll get a full day’s work from a single charge in the KC70H-4e and KC70VSL-4e electric tracked dumper. The KC70VESL-4e features a Self-Loading Device for more versatility and autonomy on site. These powerful and versatile performers are capable of shifting up to 700kg in a single load. Yet, the electric engine makes it both clean and quiet for both the operator and any near neighbours onsite.

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