Kubota Sustainability Brochure

Aspiring toward a sustainable society through the business areas of food, water, and the environment. Kubota is engaged in the business area of food, water, and the environment. These fields are indispensable for all human beings in the world. The ability to eat safe, tasty foods at any time, free use of clean water, and a solid social infrastructure to support daily life –losing even one of these would impair a comfortable living environment. These three areas are vital for us all to live prosperous lives, and Kubota believes hat cycles in these areas intersect and influence each other. We view food, water and the environment as a single unit, and aim to use technology and solutions to contribute towards a sustainable society. This is brought to life through our Brand Statement: For Earth, For Life. This is our global, corporate mission which we strive to deliver in the UK and across Europe. SUSTAIN OUR MISSION

This is the Kubota style of sustainability.

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