Small in size, the Kubota mini excavators are big in performance and safety. From an adjustable track gauge and two-speed travel pedal (U10-5 only) to Engine Safety Start and a new boom-mounted LED work light, this mini excavator is designed for maximum performance and safety. ADJUSTABLE TRACK GAUGE With easy, single-lever operation, the K008-5 and U10-5’s hydraulically adjustable track gauge reduces in seconds—down to 700 mm (K008-5) and 750 mm (U10-5)—to enable navigation in narrow spaces. Conversely, you can widen the track gauge all the way out to 860 mm (K008-5) and 990 mm (U10-5) to provide a substantial increase in stability (15% for the K008-5 and 7% for the U10-5), even while operating with hydraulic breakers. With the simple removal of one pin, its quick-fold blade adjusts in size instantly. When adjusted down, these mini-excavators can easily fit through most doorways, permitting access inside of buildings.

TWO-SPEED TRAVEL PEDAL (U10-5 only) This pedal lets you easily switch between high and low speeds, so you can work at your own

K008-5: 700 mm U10-5: 750 mm

pace. Simply depress the pedal for high-speed travel, or release it for low speed. This feature makes travelling between on- site locations more efficient.

DIGGING RANGE The Kubota mini excavators excel at digging, with surprisingly wide working and digging ranges for such compact excavators.

K008-5: 860 mm U10-5: 990 mm

HYDRAULIC CONTROL SYSTEM (U10-5 only) The U10-5’s hydraulic control system means smoother operation, improved feel, and an increase in digging productivity. BOOM CYLINDER PROTECTION DESIGN Notice the clean, hose-free look of the K008-5 and U10-5’s boom? That is because all of their hydraulic hoses are uniquely hidden and protected inside the boom. In addition, the boom cylinder is well protected due to its location at the top of the boom.

K008-5: 1,380 mm U10-5: 1,550 mm

K008-5: 1,720 mm U10-5: 1,800 mm

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