Kubota UK - Range Guide

KX042-4 α

The low emission, 4 tonne standard. Packed with fresh thinking and new, productivity-boosting features, the KX042-4 α is the most environmentally friendly excavator in its class. Featuring

Kubota’s latest Stage V engine with an improved DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) for reduced maintenance.

Technical overview

Machine weight Operating weight

Cab (kg) Cab (kg)

4150 4225






Water-cooled, diesel

Output ISO9249

(PS/rpm) (kW/rpm)

40.4/2200 29.7/2200

ENGINE Powerful and reliable, low emission Stage V Kubota diesel engine with improved Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler for reduced maintenance. These allow for greater efficiency, fuel economy, less engine noise and low emissions. HYDRAULICS Kubota’s 1-pump load sensing hydraulic system ensures smoother operation, regardless of load size. VERSATILITY Dozer blade float function, making a clean ground surface after backfilling. For ease of use, the KX042-4 α offers simultaneous operation of dozer blade float function and anti-drop valve. PERFORMANCE A well-balanced arm and bucket guarantee superior and efficient digging force in the most difficult of conditions plus precise oil flow control † for specific attachments. The auto-shift system for smooth automatic travel shift from high to low depending on tractive effort and terrain. Auto Idle function for greater fuel efficiency and reduced noise. † L model specification.

COMFORT A wide and relaxing cab, providing plenty of legroom, adjustable deluxe suspension seat, standard air conditioning on L model machines, excellent front and rear visibility with easy open gas assist front slide window. The LCD panel for Kubota’s Intelligent Control System is ergonomically positioned, has an easy-to-read display, and effortless button operation. The cab also features a new replaceable handrail. SAFETY ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) and OPG (Operator Protective Guard) Level 1. Built-in safety features include a high visibility seatbelt with alarm. Engine Start Lockout System prevents starting when safety lever is lowered. Comes complete with the ability to fit optional top frame and rear counterweight tie down points for safer transportation.

No of cylinders


Overall height

Cab (mm)


Dozer size

(width v height) mm

1700 Í 350

Hydraulic pumps


Variable displacement pump

Flow rate (ℓ/min) Hydraulic pressure MPa - (kgf/cm 2 )


24.5 (250)

Dig depth

(mm) (mm)

3375 5380

Max. reach at ground level

Max. digging force

Arm (kN - kgf) Bucket (kN - kgf)

17.9 (1820) 30.4 (3100)

Auxiliary circuit (SP1)

Max. Flow rate (ℓ/min)


20.6 (210)

Max hydraulic MPa - (kgf/cm 2 )

Auxiliary circuit (SP2)

Max. Flow rate (ℓ/min)


20.6 (210)

Max hydraulic MPa - (kgf/cm 2 )

Max. travelling speed

Low (km/h) High (km/h)

2.8 4.9

3-4.5 TONNE / 25

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