Kubota UK - Range Guide

U17-3 α /-3 α HI

Taking versatility to new levels The advanced U17-3 α offers superior versatility and performance to take on almost any task. Also available as a High Spec version (HI), with AUX 1 proportional flow control.

Technical overview

Machine weight Operating weight

Standard/Long Arm (kg) Standard/Long Arm (kg)

1575/1625 1650/1700





Water-cooled, diesel

Output (PS/rpm) ISO9249 (kW/rpm)

15.4/2300 11.3/2300

No of cylinders


Overall height




Dozer size

(width v height) mm

990/1240 Í 265

Hydraulic pumps

P1, P2

Variable displacement pump

ENGINE High power, highly efficient low emission Kubota’s Stage V E-TVCS diesel engine provides all the power and reliability you need in a fully compliant engine. HYDRAULICS The boom cylinder has been positioned on the topside of the boom to prevent cylinder damage. Travel motor hoses are enclosed within the track frame for further protection. VERSATILITY The U17-3 α features Kubota’s zero tail swing for excellent stability, smooth control and operation in confined spaces. Features an expandable undercarriage up to 1.24m width for extra stability and the option of extra-long 1.1m arm.

PERFORMANCE Excellent dig depth and reach can be further enhanced with the optional long arm version, combined with the zero tail swing that can complete a variety of jobs productively. Intuitive display panel and adjustable hydraulic oil flow for maximum control. COMFORT Canopy offering easy entry and exit with a flat floor, plenty of legroom and an adjustable suspension seat. Kubota Intelligent Control System features a user-friendly digital panel for convenient, fingertip control of functionality. SAFETY ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure), FOPS (Falling Objects Protective Structure) Level 1 and LED boom light. Easy maintenance, well-protected hoses and Kubota’s Anti-Theft System as standard.

Flow rate (ℓ/min)

17.3 Í 2


Hydraulic pressure (MPa - kgf/cm 2)


Gear pump

Flow rate (ℓ/min)

10.4 18.6

Hydraulic pressure (MPa - kgf/cm 2 )

Dig depth

(mm) (mm)

2310 (2460 long arm version) 3840 (3970 long arm version)

Max. reach at ground level

Max. digging force

Standard/Long (kN - kgf)

8.5(865) / 7.3 (744)

Bucket (kN - kgf)


Auxiliary circuit

Max. Flow rate (ℓ/min)

27.7 18.6

Hydraulic pressure (MPa - kgf/cm 2 )

Max. travelling speed Low (km/h)

2.2 4.1

High (km/h)


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