Engine output (PS): KC300H/HR-5 : 46.3 / 46.3

Machine weight (kg): KC300H/HR-5 : 2,750 / 2,750

Payload (kg): KC300H/HR-5 : 2,875 / 2,875

Compact performance and Compact, powerful and versatile, the KC300-5 are designed for The new KUBOTA KC300-5 can transport a large quantity of ma time and trouble. With its fast traveling speed and loadging cap various ground conditions.

Unloading operation Unloading operation is fast and easy. The profile of the proof skip of every model has been designed to ensure a quick discharge of the material. With a dumping angle of 55° (H version) and 84° (HR version), all materials are discharged very easily. In addition, the rotary function (180°) for the HR version and the three ways dump for H version allows emptying sideways in all conditions when filling a trench for example. Hydrostatic transmission (HST) The KC300-5 crawler dumpers feature a variable-speed, 2-pumps and 2-motors and clutch less Hydrostatic Transmission. This allows it to perform counter-rotation maneuvers. The advanced transmission offers smooth control. The operator can select the most adapted speed for the job site, and can easily shift from High speed (up to 11 km/hr) for flat surfaces to Low speed (up to 6 km/hr) for rougher terrains. The HST system helps make working and travelling more efficient and productive, and it offers a smoother ride therefore reducing operator fatigue.

Undercarriage with triple flange and short pitch

The KC300-5 track mechanism features 12 triple-flange rollers. Eight of which are mounted on an oscillating support. This guarantees great stability on slopes and rough terrain. The short pitch track offers a smooth ride for optimal comfort at high speed.

Performance With their fast travelling speed (11 km/h) and a loading capacity of 2875 kg, the KC300-5 can easily transport a large quantity of material in a short time. With their powerful tracked undercarriage, they can work in different ground conditions. The KC300-5 can easily overcome obstacles thanks to a rear attack angle of 26° and a ground clearance of 330 mm.

d remarkable design.

r optimum comfort. aterials easily and quickly saving you pacity of 2875 kg is the best to working in

KC300H-5 (3-way dump)

KC300HR-5 (180° rotary dumping function)

Multifunction joystick and LCD control panel with rear view camera The LCD control panel is conveniently located to the right side of the operator. Whatever the driving direction, the operator always has excellent driveability of the dumper and good visibility of the dashboard indicators. The LCD monitor integrates a rear view camera. Therefore, the operator can concentrate on the job with less fatigue. A stop and start button on the console, allows to switch off the engine without turning the ignition key each time. Six standard LED headlights (four forward and two behind) guarantee perfect illumination. All these elements significantly increase safety on construction sites.

Loading capacity Thanks to the great versatility, with a maximum loading capacity of 2875 kg and a volume of ff the KC300-5 is a real multi-purpose dumper that will give you the opportunity to carry all type of materials.


A fully opening bonnet and optimum arrangement of internal parts for quick and efficient service and a shorter downtime.

Tie down points, lifting points and towing hook To make transportation easier and safe, four anchor points give the opportunity to secure during transportation from one point to the other. Easy access to tie down points guarantee best efficiency in order to avoid the operator injury. Once the skip is in the raised position, you can use the four lifting hooks to lift the machine. A towing hook is also available at the back of the chassis.

Front Bumpers A front bumpers protect the machine and reduce potential damages. Two LED-working lights are protected and integrated behind this strong bumper.

Anti skid step Getting on and off the machine very easily with the safe and conformable anti-skid step. This definitely minimise risk of accident of the operator.

KUBOTA OR I G I NAL D I ( STAGE - V ) ENG I NE WI THS CRS AND DPF MUF F L ER Kubota Original DI Engine equipped with CRS and DPF, Kubota’s direct-injection engines are now fully Stage-V compliant. The new and improved DPF reduces maintenance by increasing the service intervals for both the regeneration filter and ash cleaner.

Full reversible driving position The Kubota KC300-5 crawler dumpers feature a deluxe reversible driving position, which allows the operator to turn through 180 degrees and face the opposite direction of travel. Since the multifunctional joystick are integrate in the right seat’s console, operation is seamless, even in reverse. This helps create a safer and easy environmental for the driver.

Safety, ROPS / FOPS canopy For maximum safety of the operator, the KC300-5 feature a ROPS / FOPS canopy completely in shape and a seat belt for additional safety. Two ergonomic handles perfectly sized for the operator’s hand facilitate access to the driving post and supporting the driver during travel.

Maintenance The fully open engine hood allows good access for easy maintenance. Daily engine checks are concentrated in one place. The battery is located outside the engine compartment in order to keep it cool.



Unity: mm



Model name







V2403 (Stage V)

V2403 (Stage V)

Kw (Hp)

34,1 (45,1)




2400 2403

Displacement Cooling system


Water cooled

Operating Weight

kg kg

2750 2875

Max loading capacity Bucket tilting system Dumping direction

Proportional hydraulic

3-way dump 180° rotary dumping


Hydrostatic transmission HST 2 variable pumps (Rexroth)

Hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic flow of pumps



2 x 54

Hydraulic motor Max pressure

Radial piston engine

bar mm mm mm mm mm mm


Length Height Width Length Width Height



Machine dimensions

2382 1550

1637 1440 400 55° 1.15 1.35

2075 1506


Internal skip dimensions

Dumping angle



Struck Volume (ISO6483) Rated Capacity (ISO6483)

m 3 m 3



Ground clearance



Approach angle


26° (front) / 57° (rear)



mm mm


Rubber shoe width


Lower rollers



1st speed 2nd speed

km/h km/h

0 ~ 6

Driving speed(forward/reverse)

0 ~ 11


Max gradeability Fuel tank capacity

Front side 20° / Lateral side 25°

liters liters

45 51

Hydraulic tank capacity

Available models and versions


Standard Model

Luxury Model (HI)

• •

• • • • • •

LCD color monitor and rear view camera Joystick for tracks and skip controls

2 pedal accelerators 2 front LED lights

4 LED lights on the canopy Engine start/stop button and accelerator lock (for fix rpm)


KUBOTA U.K. LTD Dormer Road, Thame, Oxfordshire OX93UN, U.K. Phone: (44) 01 844-268140 Fax: (44) 01 844-216685

 All images shown on this document are solely made for this brochure. The method of use of the machine, the safety devices and protective clothing must comply with the legal safety regulations.

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