VERSATILE AND COMPACT With a machine weight of 1480 kg for canopy version and 1685 kg for cabin version and a fork operating capacity of 580 kg (straight position, standard tyres, without additional counterweight), the RT150-2 is the ideal articulated wheel loader for construction jobs which require power and manoeuvrability.


The main components which require daily check such as engine oil level, coolant level, air filter and radiator are easily accessible, thanks to the wide opening engine bonnet. In addition, the offset battery off terminals allow a quick starting assistance in the event of battery default.


The hydrostatic transmission is controlled by a pedal located on the right side of the steering column. A simple action of the right foot on the pedal acts simultaneously on the engine rpm and also on the hydrostatic pump. The operator can control the travel speed with full concentration on the front attachments being used.

DELUXE CABIN (OPTION) WITH HEATER AND RADIO The delux cabin on the RT150-2 is equipped with a heater to clear the mist on the windows and keep the driver warm during cold winters. Working lights give perfect vision allround in the dark.

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