Engine output (PS) : 15,7

Machine weight (kg): KC110HR-4 : 970 KC110SL-4 : 940

Payload (kg): KC110HR-4 : 1000 KC110SL-4 : 1200

ENGINE / HYDRAULIC The KC110HR-4 (swivel tip) and KC110SL-4 (front tip and self loading device) are equipped with a Kubota engine for proven reliability and performance. The hydraulic system consists of a double hydraulic pump with variable flow and two piston motors for moving the machine. This will provide precision while operating the dumpers.

AUTOMAT I C SPE EDSH I F T The KC110HR-4 and KC110SL-4 feature a two speed transmission (up to 5 km/hr). Combined with auto shift down function, the machines offer maximum traction force in tough conditions or when turning on the spot.

SE L F LOAD I NG DEV I CE The KC110SL-4 has a self loading device working with 2 hydraulic cylinders in order to have more versatility and more autonomy on the jobsite. No need for another machine to load the dumper.


Direct injection kubota engine is compliant with the Stage V regulation.


KUBOTA ENG I NE D722 Tough and reliable, the water cooled Kubota diesel engine delivers high torque, enhanced power (15,7 PS at 2550 rpm) and minimised operating costs.

SK I P ROTAT I ON The skip rotation of the KC110HR-4 is powered by a hydraulic swivel motor mounted on a slew ring which ensures smooth, precise and fast rotation of the skip through 180°.


FEATURES The KC110HR-4 and KC110SL-4 give you the best performance throughout the entire life of the machine. The KC110HR-4 has a swivel tip at 180 ° to facilitate the unloading on the side of the machine, whereas the KC110SL-4 has a front tip and a self loading device for more autonomy on the jobsite.

COMPACT DES I GN With an overall width of only 990 mm, the KC110HR-4 and KC110SL-4 efficiently transport material through gates and doorways, between houses, buildings and many other narrow spaces.

LOAD I NG CAPAC I TY With a maximum loading capacity of 1000 kg and a heaped volume of 0,52 m 3 for the KC110HR-4, a capacity of 1200 kg and a heaped volume of 0,59 m 3 for the KC110SL-4, they are truly productive machines on any work site.

Heaped volume: KC110HR-4 : 0,52 m 3 KC110SL-4 : 0,59 m 3 Loading capacity: KC110HR-4 : 1000 kg KC110SL-4 : 1200 kg

COMFORTABL E AND EASY OPERAT I ON All levers and controls are easy to reach and operate. A grab handle bar secures the operator during operation.

PERFORMANCE The KC110HR-4 and KC110SL-4 are the ideal workmate for a mini-excavator on a worksite. The crawler type transmission ensures good traction in all conditions while the ground pressure is minimal. They can easily avoid obstables with a rear angle of gradeability of 28° and a ground clearance of 184.5 mm.


Unloading operation is fast and easy. The profile of the skip has been designed to ensure a quick discharge of the material. With a dumping angle of 90°, all materials exit easily from the skip. In addition, for the KC110HR-4, the rotary function allows you to tip side ways (180°) when filling a trench for example.

SERVICE The KC110HR-4 and KC110SL-4 have been designed to facilitate easy maintenance and daily checks. The wide access to components after opening the bonnet can save you significant time.

MA I NT ENANCE A large opening bonnet gives good access to the main areas for daily maintenance : fuel tank, air filter, engine oil level, reserve tank and battery isolator switch.

GREASE T ENS I ON SYST EM The rubber crawler is tensioned by a grease cylinder. This feature allows cushioning when foreign materials are going into the crawler. In addition, the short pitch track offers a smooth drive for greater operator comfort.

Kubota Genuine and Approved Parts

for maximum performance, durability and safety

 All images shown are for brochure purposes only. When operating the tracked dumper, wear clothing and equipment in accordance to local legal and safety regulations.

Specifications Model Engine Make



Kubota D722 11,8 (15,7) / 2550 719 Water cooled

Model Output

kW (PS) / rpm cc

Displacement Cooling system Service weight*

kg kg

1015 1200

1045 1000

Max. loading capacity Skip tipping system Dumping direction Transmission Type Hydraulic pump Flow Hydraulic motors Main valve Dimensions Overall lenght (transport position)



Swivel 180°

Hydraulic Double hydraulic pump with variable 2 x 29,2 Piston motors Mechanical


mm mm mm °



Overall height Overall width Dumping angle Performance Heaped volume Struck volume Undercarriage Ground clearance Rubber shoe width Track roller Travelling speed

1470 990 90

m 3 m 3

0,59 0,49

0,52 0,44

184,5 230 3

mm mm

1st speed 2nd speed

0 - 2,6 0 - 4,5

0 - 2,6 0 - 5

km/h km/h

Max. gradeability Fuel tank capacity Hydraulic oil tank capacity

20 20 25

l l

*With a 75 kg operator.

KC110HR - 4

KC110SL - 4

Unit: mm






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